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We hosted a webinar on Tuesday 15 June looking at the future tech economy with Carl Benedikt Frey, Economist and Oxford Martin Citi Fellow at Oxford University, where he directs the programme on the Future of Work.

Carl is the author of the FT-nominated best business book of the year, The Technology Trap, which outlines the challenges society faces as AI enables firms to change how work gets done. He jumped to global fame in 2013 when a study he led estimated that 47% of jobs will be impacted by AI. His work also focusses on how the pandemic has changed the workplace and how we will likely continue in a hybrid format even when restrictions are removed.

After the keynote address from Carl, we had a panel discussion featuring:

Professor Barry O'Sullivan, Director, Insight Centre for Data Analytics, School of Computer Science & IT, University College Cork

Abeba Birhane, Cognitive Science PhD Candidate at the Complex Software Lab at University College Dublin

Michael Walsh, Chief Commercial Officer, Smart Wires

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