Gender Pay Gap Report 2023

We are pleased to publish our 2023 Gender Pay Gap Report.

Will Carmody, Managing Partner, commented, "This is the second year to publish our report. Progress regarding this topic is not achieved overnight or over the short period of one year. Instead, it takes a number of years so we can determine what trends are emerging and what impact our actions are having.

We are committed to providing appealing and rewarding long term career options for all of staff and supporting them through specific life events. Some of those life events or changes can be particularly challenging from a career perspective for our female staff, such as becoming a parent or experiencing menopause, and we have introduced specific supports for those. As well as our enhanced maternity benefits, we’ve expanded our parenting supports during 2023 with the help of our departmental parenting reps and introduced group coaching sessions separately for mums and dads which we ran on a pilot basis and received great feedback. We also launched a menopause policy which includes a number of paid days leave, if needed, as a tangible demonstration of our support."

Since the publication of our first Gender Pay Gap Report last year, attracting and promoting women has continued to be a core focus of the firm with 65% of all new hires in the reporting period being female. We continued to add female numbers in senior leadership levels with new partner joiners at 50/50 female/male and our internal partner promotions were 65%/35% female/male. Retention of talent is central to our success - we have a range of development options relevant to career level, a broad learning curriculum, and programmes devoted to parenting support and overall wellness.

In addition, we remain committed to our hybrid remote working policy of high trust/high flexibility, which we know is very important to how we all balance our personal and professional lives.