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This week in our MHC Life Series, we hear from David McGovern, Head of our Aviation and International Asset Finance team at the firm. David chats about why he chose law and his favourite places.

Tell us a bit about you and your career journey to MHC – what inspired you to get into this career?

In 2003, I started my career off in the aircraft leasing company, SMBC Aviation Capital. While working in SMBC, I studied at the King’s Inns at night and, shortly after qualification as a barrister, I moved to work in Freshfields in London. Following five years in Freshfields I moved to Walkers and spent 11 years in their London and Dublin offices, with my final three beings spent as head of their asset finance department.

Favourite thing about your role?

It’s a really varied role which allows you to work with clients of very different backgrounds and perspectives. It helps to keep it interesting after all these years!

What was your first job?

Kitchen Porter in the Portmarnock Hotel and Golf Links. It wasn’t for the faint hearted. Hot blooded chefs shouting at you all day and when they had all gone home after 10pm, my evenings were spent cleaning burnt pots so large I could crawl into them. Much like being a trainee, I suppose!

Talk us through a typical day for you

I’m generally up by 7.15am and I head downstairs to make porridge for the family. I cycle into work and sit down to my emails by 9am. I head out for a coffee by 9.30am and then get my to-do-list up and running for the day. Currently I tend to have a few BD meetings most days and if I’m not meeting someone for lunch, I generally eat at my desk and work through to the evening.

What sports/hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy?

Cycling, cooking, music and reading.

What TV shows have you binge watched recently?

Andor, the latest addition to the Star Wars cannon!

What books have you read recently?

Life Between the Tides by Adam Nicholson.

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