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We are fortunate to have one of the most important corporate art collections of Irish and International contemporary art in Dublin. Included in the collection is “What's passed passing or to come” by Garrett Cormican. Deirdre Munnelly, a Senior Associate on our Insurance team, tells us why she has chosen this piece:

"I chose this piece because it reminds me of a recent, very enjoyable, holiday in Istanbul. I just loved the city – the history, the architecture, the food…and the contradictions so evident in this vast city which straddles both Europe and Asia. One of the things which I was really taken by was the crowds of men whiling the day away fishing along the banks of the Bosphorus at Ortakoy or lined up along the Galata Bridge. They chatted with each other, bought simit from passing vendors or simply stared out at the mesmerising view of the busy strait.

I spotted this painting in the office on my return and immediately recognised the location. The light is beautiful and there is a real sense of peace and contentment… it instantly brought back the warm holiday glow! I then realised that the painting was the work of Garrett Cormican. Garrett is also a practising solicitor and I love that his work shows that even lawyers can have a creative side too!"

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