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We welcome 2022, as the Chinese year of the Tiger. The ‘Tiger’, as a spirit animal is said to be a symbol of courage and personal strength. This year we will be drawing on these skills to re-connect, renew and invigorate our business and social relationships.

Covid 19 has proven to have a treacherous and adaptive nature. Since March 2020, it has shown us the need for courage, strength and resilience and it has also taught us heart wrenching lessons about our vulnerabilities and the need to be open, agile and responsible in our daily lives.

Acknowledging the hardships of the past 2 years, it is timely to highlight some of the massive changes and contributions that have succeeded in leading us on the pathway out of this pandemic.

Firstly, the standout heroes have been our skilled health care professionals, scientists and pharmaceutical companies developing and distributing the vaccines. The necessity of a world class health service is self-evident and will need continuous investment and innovation in people, science and infrastructure. This puts a spotlight on the importance of, education in the fields of medicine and science, research in pharma and life sciences; investment in clinical trials companies, start-up and early stage medical companies and investment in the infrastructure of our hospitals and care centres. Healthcare and Life Science are pillars of our strategy and focus and we are very humbled and proud to support the great work of our clients in these sectors.

Technology has made a massive contribution to preserve the operation of our economy and our connectiveness. It enables and empowers access to people for business and leisure. Social media once a disruptor has become a vital part of mainstream media. The pace of innovation in technology is astounding. With it comes enhanced regulation and continuous oversight of data driven companies in areas of data privacy, financial and payment services regulation and cyber-security. We are very excited to advise, support and assist the technology, social media and fintech innovators in their work, creating and shaping our future societies.

Covid 19 has highlighted the importance of continuous access to education and training for the young and not-so-young. Our educators have done trojan work. Education is essential and vital to engage young minds and to encourage curiosity and creativity. The young of today are the future leaders of tomorrow and they need to be equipped to operate on a global scale. Through our CSR partnership in the Engage and Educate Fund 2021, we seek to empower marginalized and disadvantaged communities through education.

Finally, the contribution of the arts, entertainment and cultural sector during the pandemic must be applauded. The easing of restrictions will enable and reinvigorate attendance at events. The arts and creative sectors are central to Ireland’s self-image as a nation and to our wellbeing. We are energized by the creative forcefield emitted by our artists to sustain our cultural identity and our sense of Irishness. Without the creative community our lives and conversations would be much less interesting. We have a proud tradition of supporting Visual Artists in Ireland including sponsorship of the RDS Visual Arts Awards for graduating students from Irish art colleges.

On behalf of all the Partners and staff at Mason Hayes & Curran LLP, I thank you for your continued support for our business in 2021 and we look forward to meeting you in person during 2022. In the spirit of optimism, we have planned a series of seminars and events for 2022 and encourage you to join MHC Brief to be kept up to date on our events. We are here for you and your businesses and don’t hesitate to contact me or any of my Partners if we can be of help.

For 2022 the Year of the Tiger, be strong, have courage and confidence in everything that you do and you will succeed.

Keep well and stay safe,

Christine O’Donovan.

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