Inward Investment Expertise

Over the past thirty years, Ireland has been a key location for foreign owned companies looking to establish a foothold in Europe or expanding their operations overseas. Currently approximately 1500 foreign owned companies, mainly in the technology, pharmaceutical, biosciences, manufacturing and financial services sectors, have invested in Ireland and play a key role in the performance of the Irish economy.

In 2009, Ireland remains a premium location for business establishment and continues to attract sizeable inward investments projects. Recently, large corporations such as Facebook, IBM, Goa (Orange), Amazon, Blizzard (Vivendi), Boston Scientific, Business Objects have made significant investments in Ireland.

Incentives include:

  • an open and transparent tax regime
  • the 12.5% corporation tax rate which applies to all companies.
  • double taxation agreements with 46 countries
  • favourable tax incentives given to intellectual property and to research & development investment.
  • patent tax exemption
  • grant incentives

Up to the recent past, the principal goal of state investment policy has been employment creation, especially in technology-intensive and high-skill industries. More recently, the Irish Government has increasingly supported efforts by foreign-invested companies to sustain their international competitiveness through R&D enhancements, productivity improvements and the marketing/sales of higher-value goods and services.

Today, Ireland emerges as a magnet for internet / digital media investment and a global center for the biopharmaceutical business with industry leaders making Dublin the hub of their respective European operations.

We are committed to promoting Ireland as a location for business investment. To this end we have established representative offices in both New York and most recently London, two of Ireland's most important conduits for inward investment.

Our team understands the many and varied challenges that corporations face when locating in a foreign country and have the necessary skills to assist you during your initial set-up and for your ongoing legal requirements.