About David

David is a Senior Associate on our Insurance & Risk team, specialising in insurance litigation.

David has extensive experience in personal injuries litigation. He frequently acts assists national insurers and large self-insured entities in the defence or personal injuries, bullying and defamation claims.

David also has extensive commercial litigation experience and frequently deals with claims involving multi-million-euro exposure. He has also helped clients to successfully secure injunctive relief and security for costs in several different matters.

David is renowned in the wider insurance market for his expertise in defending claims involving complex fraud, including induced, staged and ringed fraud claims. David’s tenacity, dedication and passion have been key attributes in cementing strong relationships with several national insurers and self-insured entities. He has an impressive and peerless record of successfully defending clients at trial in various personal injuries and commercial litigation disputes.

David also provides bespoke training on the area of defending fraudulent claims. David is a regular speaker at events run by the Insurance Institute of Ireland and Insurance Ireland.