MHC Life: Seibhe Little

15 April 2019

In the next interview from our MHC Life series, we chat with new marketing assistant Seibhe Little who works on our events team.  Seibhe gives us an insight into her career to date and what she'll do when she wins the lotto!

What inspired you to venture on this career path?

I grew up in a family business, Ballymaloe, and I always had a great relationship with my cousin who handles the marketing for the relish. She had me working stalls with her all through my teenage years and as I learned more about marketing, the more I knew it was the path I needed to take. I have tried out a few different areas in marketing and I have found that events are a really good fit for me.

What have you learned during your time in MHC so far?
I have learned truly how much scope a marketing team can have. I have never worked in a team with such a depth and breadth of knowledge and expertise before. The team is so highly skilled and I am really excited to learn from and with them.

Have you always worked in marketing?
I have tried my hand at a few different jobs before I got into Marketing. I worked as a tour guide on Ballycotton Lighthouse for a couple of summers, it was absolutely fantastic because I was out in the sea air and talking to people all day long! I also worked as an Interpreter when I was in university. I speak Spanish so I interpreted for the courts and even got to interpret a marriage ceremony which was lovely!

What hobbies do you enjoy?
I have taken up the boxercise class at work and I love it! Apart from that I enjoy creative writing and cooking for my friends.

If I wasn't in Marketing, I would be........
If I wasn't a marketer I would be… eating tapas in Sevilla. I lived there for a year and had a plan to go back and give tapas and wine tours of the city. I'll save that for when I win the lotto!

Favourite quote?
"In the end it's not the years in your life that count.  It's the life in your years." Abraham Lincoln

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