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In the next interview from our MHC Life series, we chat to Laura Rattigan, Senior Associate on our Public, Regulatory and Investigations Law team. Laura tells us about her experience as a barrister, career highlights and people who inspire her.

What inspired you to venture on this career path?

Like many a Leaving Cert student, I did not have a clear vision in terms of career path. When faced with the all-important and fateful task of completing the CAO form, all I knew for certain was that anything math related was not for me. My interests lay in politics, history and English. This together with the influence of a good friend, who had undertaken the BCL degree course in UCD, convinced me that law was an all-round flexible degree option which could lead to many other avenues. It’s a decision I’ve not regretted.

What was your journey to Mason Hayes & Curran?

I took a very circuitous route to MHC. My career in law began as a judicial research assistant. I was one of the first group of four judicial assistants appointed by the then Ms Justice Susan Denham. At that time, it was an entirely new and innovative role. For me, it was a very privileged and exciting role that gave me an insight into, and an enduring fascination and admiration for, the world of the judiciary and the Four Courts. This inspired me to pursue the Barrister at Law degree course at the King’s Inns. Early on in my career at the Bar, I was appointed junior counsel to the Ryan Commission of Investigation. When its work was completed, I came to MHC. This has placed me in a rather unique position of having experienced both sides of the legal profession, which has stood me in good stead in MHC.

Career highlight?

I have had many career highlights both prior to and during my time in MHC. During my time in MHC, representing key witnesses before the O’Higgins Commission, the Fennelly Commission and the Clarke Inquiry which resulted in favourable outcomes for them was a particular highlight.

What sports/hobbies/pastimes do you enjoy?

Winding down from work is important for me. I love the gym but I’m not one for the treadmill, preferring instead circuits, spin, aerobics and resistance training. When I’m not in the gym, I like going for a long hike or walks on the beach. When on holidays, I read a lot, particularly historical biographies.

People who inspire me?

Generally, I find people who have overcome great adversity and have managed to lead successful and positive lives are inspirational. For example, people such as Oprah Winfrey, Maya Angelou and Jackie Kennedy.

Favourite quote?

“Change your thoughts and you change your world” (Norman Vincent Peale)

Laura recently spoke at our Public, Regulatory and Investigations seminar on 5 November 2019 on the topic of Inquiries and Investigations: Let’s Talk about Witnesses.

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