Children’s Art Exhibition

28 April 2017

Pictured L-R are Chloe Doyle, Hollie Larkin, and Coady Phillips, all from Ringsend, Dublin

We hosted an exhibition of children’s art, featuring paintings and sculpture, by the boys and girls from St Patrick’s National School, Ringsend. The exhibition is part of RHA Art Avenues sponsored by the firm, which includes a special outreach programme with three schools in Ringsend close to the Mason Hayes & Curran office. The exhibition was attended by teachers, parents and Mason Hayes & Curran staff.

The Art Avenues programme includes workshops, tours and a special annual exhibition of student work. As part of the programme, students from our local schools in Ringsend visit with artists to learn about how the artists create their work. The artists also visit with the children at their schools to help them create their own works of art. 

Artists Leah Hewson and Bassam Al Sabah worked with the students from Ringsend school to create canvases and sculpture pieces which were presented at the exhibition. 

See here for more information on the sponsorship. To find out more about our art programme email


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