In The Frame: Art at Mason Hayes & Curran - Sarah Harmon

22 November 2019

We are fortunate to have one of the most important corporate art collections of Irish and International contemporary art in Dublin. Included in the collection is 'ZXX 2013' by John Cronin.

Sarah Harmon, a Senior Associate in our International Asset Finance Team, has chosen this piece as her favourite from our collection and she explains why: 

"'ZXX 2013' by John Cronin is an intriguing piece of interpretive abstract art which is both optically striking and absorbing. Its title references a disruptive typeface designed by a former NSA agent as a political statement rather than a serious encryption device which twarts the optical character recognition of artificially intelligent devices or text scanning software making text unreadable for computers but easily readable to the human eye.  

As we focus on AI this month in Mason Hayes & Curran, we are undoubtedly living in an age where technology touches upon and is mostly used as a positive tool to improve and enhance many aspects of our lives. 'ZXX 2013' raises questions to me about privacy and the extent and the purpose to which our personal and private data is being monitored, harvested and monetised for use by others. This layered piece while on the surface mimics to me splodges of bursting raindrops, glowing lamps and 90's style monitor screens, on a deeper level represents a different type of abstract landscape delving into the personal data infoscape structuring our own lives and the virtual boundaries that need to be respected."

Support of the visual arts is a large part of our CSR strategy and we are a long-time supporter of "Business to Arts", whose aim is to broker, enable and support creative partnerships between business and the arts.

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