In the Frame: Art at Mason Hayes & Curran

28 April 2015

Rowena Dring Barker Dam Joshua Tree

Our April 'In the Frame' features 'Barker Dam, Joshua Tree' by Rowena Dring, a British artist living in Amsterdam. The painting hangs in the reception are at South Bank House and is one of the first which visitors to the building notice.

'Barker Dam, Joshua Tree' is pictured above with HR Manager Ruth Carroll, who has picked it as her favourite from our collection. Ruth says of the painting, "This is the first painting I noticed as I was drawn to when I first started working at South Bank House. It's a beautiful landscape and while it looks like it is painted on canvas, you see on closer inspection that it is more like a tapestry. I think it is one of the most striking pieces in the collection. It is a beautiful landscape, the detail and colours are so bold and clear, it's almost as if you could step into it, I love it.

"The art collection as a whole really enhances the building as a place to work and it's really nice to be surrounded by artwork, some of which you would enjoy hanging in your own home."

Support of visual arts is a large part of our CSR strategy and we are a long-time supporter of the organisation “Business to Arts”, whose aim is to broker, enable and support creative partnerships between business and the arts. We are also proud to sponsor Temple Bar Gallery + Studios’ art education programme, which works with three schools in our local Ringsend area and for which we won an Allianz Business to Arts Award in 2014. See here for more information on our CSR and art activities.

In the Frame: Art at Mason Hayes & Curran, March

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