Appointment of Jeanne Kelly to Board of Business to Arts

27 January 2015

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mason Hayes & Curran's Jeanne Kelly to the Board of Business to Arts.

Jeanne said, "I’m delighted to join the Board of Business to Arts, an Irish non-profit that develops partnerships between business, individuals and the arts. I’ve been involved with the great team there including Andrew Hetherington and Rowena Neville and their predecessors for many years, and I’m really looking forward to the board role."

Business to Arts brokers, enables and supports creative partnerships between businesses, individuals and the arts. They team business members up with arts organisations and artists to develop solutions in areas such as sponsorship, commissioning, brand development, training, leadership development, internal and external communications and events. Business to Arts are the team behind Fundit and the Allianz Business to Arts Awards, as well as multiple other business/arts partnerships.

As part of our own work within the arts, we are proud to sponsor Temple Bar Gallery + Studios ‘Creative Generations’ Programme, which works with three schools in the Ringsend area and for which we won an Allianz Business to Arts award in 2014. We also consciously and consistently support local and international artists by purchasing a number of original pieces of art each year to add to our private collection.

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