Interview with Paddy Cosgrave: Peak Ambition - Creating Europe’s Top tech Event

08 April 2014

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In this interview, Philip Nolan, Head of our Technology Team, spoke to Paddy Cosgrave, the man behind Web Summit, about the future of the conference and what it means for the Irish tech industry.

Philip Nolan (PN): Web Summit is now Europe’s largest tech event. Did you anticipate that it would be this big, and what were the key success factors? 

Paddy Cosgrave (PC): When we started Web Summit back in 2010 we knew we had something exciting on our hands but I never imagined how influential it would become just three  years on. This year a 20,000 strong legion of the international tech community will descend on Dublin for a three-day event.

Dublin plays a huge role in the event’s success; it rallies around Web Summit, with events taking place in its universities, churches, museums, restaurants and pubs. Everyone from hoteliers to taxi drivers goes the extra mile to make Web Summit an unforgettable experience for all our attendees.

Web Summit 2014Alongside Web Summit, we run F.ounders, an invitation-only gathering of 200 of the world’s top tech company founders. It is massively important for supplying the top class speakers we are known for. 

Of course, we could not have grown to our current scale without the many partners and supporters we have worked with over the years, such as Mason Hayes & Curran. Each sponsor brings a different perspective and contribution to ensure Web Summit has the widest possible appeal.

PN: How do international tech companies view Ireland before and after their visits to Web Summit?