MHC Times Issue 27

10 March 2010

Welcome to the 27th edition of MH&C Times.

By now, there are few who are not familiar with the remarkable story of Ireland's economic performance over the past number of years. Throughout the early part of the last decade, Ireland was the fastest-growing economy in Europe, and experienced unprecedented economic success. However, in the last two years, the country has suffered from the compounded effects of the global economic recession as well as from admittedly overdue corrections to certain aspects of its own economy.

There is general agreement that Ireland needs to redefine and refresh its international value proposition. The Government is expending considerable time and effort in developing and determining the elements of its new strategy in this regard. For example, its "Smart Economy" framework for economic renewal has amongst its objectives the development of Ireland as an innovation and commercialisation hub in Europe, while continuing to foster a sustainable and effective infrastructural and regulatory environment in which modern, growth-area activities can flourish and prosper.