Ickendel Limited V Bewley’s Café Grafton Street Limited

27 March 2013
Category: Legal Articles

Jul 2014 Update: Rent Reviews in Ireland – the Bewley’s Case and the €7.36m Question

Leases are, in essence, agreements between landlords and tenants. The courts have the job of deciding what the language the parties use in leases actually means. In the Bewley’s case (Ickendel Limited -v- Bewley’s Café Grafton Street Limited), the High Court considered a rent review clause. Charleton J. decided that, on the basis of the specific wording used in the lease, the rent after review in 2012 would reduce in the light of market conditions. He did not decide this because of any policy conclusion on his part – he simply applied the rules of construction which courts generally use when interpreting commercial agreements.

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