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We regularly receive queries from our clients regarding disciplinary procedures for teachers. We have prepared a training video on how to effectively conduct disciplinary meetings.

The video explores a number of scenarios regularly encountered, from informal meetings to Stage 4 hearings before a Board of Management. To fully understand the context of these scenarios, we recommend that you review the summaries provided below and the documents available for download in the Useful Links section before watching.

Our first fictional scenario is an illustrative example of the most effective way to conduct an initial informal meeting under the disciplinary procedures with a teacher. The teacher, Seán, is the subject of a number of informal complaints from parents regarding shouting in his class, and the Principal has also overheard shouting which has caused her to convene this informal meeting with Seán.

Our second fictional scenario deals with the first formal stage of the disciplinary procedures, Stage 1. Following the informal meeting with Seán in the first scenario, the Principal is not satisfied that there has been sufficient improvement in the situation, and she has decided to initiate a meeting under Stage 1 of the disciplinary procedures. Séan is represented at this meeting by his trade union representative.

Our third fictional scenario addresses the most serious stage of the disciplinary procedures process, a Stage 4 hearing before a Board of Management. The background for this scenario is described in detail in a report prepared by Principal Patricia Kelly for the Board of Management under Stage 4 of the disciplinary procedures. The Principal’s report outlines her concerns regarding apparent financial irregularities arising from a fundraising effort managed by teacher, Ms Susan Jennings, and the Principal’s investigations. We suggest you read the attached report before watching this scene.

We hope you find the video useful and informative. Our Education team is available to discuss how we might further assist you in dealing with disciplinary procedures and meetings.

Finally, please note that the video is best viewed in Google Chrome browser.

Useful links:

Disclaimer: These scenarios are purely fictional. Names, characters, schools, places, events, the principal’s report and incidents referred to in these scenarios are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

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