Governance & Compliance Update: Mandatory Electronic Filing with CRO from 1 June 2017

31 May 2017

The Companies Registration Office ("CRO") will not accept paper forms after the end of 31 May 2017. Completing and certifying statutory forms B1, B2, B10 and B73 must now be done electronically. 

What should you do next?

If you do not have a company secretarial software package, simply log on to and create a new user account for your company. Once your account is created, you can electronically submit the form from your workspace. No filing fee is payable if you are submitting forms B2, B10 or B73. Your director or the secretary may sign the forms digitally with the ROS Certificates.

Your directors or the secretary do not have ROS Certificates to certify the forms. What is the next option?

If your directors or company secretary do not have the necessary ROS certificates to certify the form, don’t worry as a signature page will be generated when filing electronically. You should print this and have it signed by either one of your directors or by the company secretary, then submit the signed original signature page to the CRO to complete the filing.

Are you filing the annual return form B1?

If you are filing the annual return B1 form, there are two important things of which you should be aware:

1. Form B1 is signed by one director and the secretary, so check if your company has ROS certificates for both.

  • If your director and the secretary have a ROS certificate, digitally sign and electronically submit the forms. A PDF version of your financial statements must then be uploaded within the next 28 days.
  • If your director and the secretary do not have a ROS certificate, electronically file the form B1. Print the signature page which is generated upon filing and get it signed by a director and the secretary. The original signature page must be submitted along with the copy of financial statements within the next 28 days.

2. The fee for filing form B1 is €20. Do you have a customer account with the CRO?

  • If you have a customer account with the CRO, the filing fee must be paid online while electronically submitting the B1 form. Ensure that you follow the onscreen instructions carefully.
  • If you do not have a customer account, you can pay the filing fee by credit card when filing.

How can we help?

Our team of company secretaries regularly use the software package. We are available to electronically file the forms on your behalf.  All you have to do is sign the signature page of the relevant form and return it to us. For Forms B1, we can pay on your behalf using our CRO customer account and issue you with an invoice for the payment following filing.

For more information on how we can assist your business, please contact a member of our Corporate Governance & Compliance team.

The content of this article is provided for information purposes only and does not constitute legal or other advice. 

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