Fair Play Legal Challenge Sets Up Bosman Sequel; UEFA Regulations Governing Football Clubs Are About

19 May 2013
Category: Legal Articles

This article, written by Niall Collins, first appeared in the Sunday Independent on 19th May 2013. © Copyright Sunday Independent 2013. All rights reserved.

We know relatively little about Belgian football agent Daniel Striani. On the other hand, the landmark Bosman case catapulted Belgian sports lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont into the limelight and saw the term 'Bosman' ' secure a permanent place in both the sporting and legal lexicon.
To recap, nearly 18 years ago, Dupont and Bosman listened as the Court of Justice of the EU (CJEU) decided, amongst other things, that restrictions which prevented out of-contract footballers from moving to new clubs after their contracts had expired infringed EU law. I believe we now have another Bosman on our hands.

Striani, represented by Dupont, recently lodged a complaint with the European Commission. The complaint alleges infringements to fundamental principles of EU law caused by some provisions of UEFA''s Financial Fair Play regulations. Versions have also been introduced in England by the Premier League, the Football League, Italy''s Serie B and Spain''s La Liga.

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