Emerging Companies: Choosing Ireland as a Location for Your Business

04 December 2013

One of the key decisions when expanding internationally is selecting a business location. At Mason Hayes & Curran, we regularly assist emerging companies setting up in Ireland.

In the following article, we take a look at why companies choose Ireland and also examine some of the main considerations that need to be reviewed when establishing in Ireland.

Why Ireland?

For companies with an international outlook, Ireland’s strategic location is obvious. Easily accessible from mainland Europe and North America and the only English-speaking Euro currency zone member, Ireland is frequently used as a base to serve the European market which holds more than 490 million consumers. Our attractive and stable corporate tax rates at 12.5%, structured tax reliefs for Research and Development and skilled workforce also offer distinct advantages to emerging companies locating here.

Ireland’s track record in attracting investment is clear with eight of the world’s top ten ICT companies basing their EMEA operations in Ireland and over 1,000 companies choosing Ireland as their strategic location in Europe. Recognition of Ireland’s stature as a successful location for business has also grown in recent years. Ranked 11th globally out of 82 countries in the 2008 - 2012 Business.