COVID-19: Healthcare & Medical

16 April 2020

The COVID-19 crisis is having a profound effect on the operations of hospitals, hospices, nursing homes and voluntary healthcare providers across Ireland and the globe. We have the largest dedicated healthcare practice in the country and our team’s primary focus is on defending medical negligence actions. With court closures, disputes now need to be resolved remotely and we have embraced technology that allows us to continue to serve our clients to the highest standard.

We can advise clients on how to progress their disputes during this unprecedented time. We continue to provide legal and practical guidance and can steer you through this unfamiliar territory. 

Mediation | Courts Close but Remote Mediation can be the ‘New Normal’


The COVID-19 pandemic means we are living and working in unprecedented times. For now, the pandemic has changed how we work, but we have adapted. We look at how we continue to resolve disputes in this “new normal”.


Healthcare & Medical | COVID-19: A Notifiable Disease – Guidance for Medical Practitioners


Medical practitioners, including clinical directors of diagnostic laboratories, who diagnose COVID-19 or suspect that a patient under their care is a carrier of the disease, should now be aware of their notification requirements.


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