Companies Act 2014 – Dawn of a Simpler Era: Part 2

28 April 2015


In this article I will summarise the effects of the new Irish Companies Act 2014 (CA 2014) on the types of corporate transaction that we come across regularly in day-to-day practice. The fundamental principle evident in CA 2014 is that it has sought to clarify issues that have arisen when implementing corporate transactions under the existing legislation. This simplification was timely and will allow corporate reorganisations, restructurings and transformations to take place on a more solid legal (and accounting) basis.

We will see in the article that although CA 2014 has the effect of simplifying processes, there is also by implication an increase in the risks and obligations for directors as a result of the changes.

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The various reserves that Irish companies were required to maintain was becoming cumbersome, and this is acknowledged by CA 2014.


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