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We hosted a webinar on January 26 looking at the challenges for business creditors after Brexit.

As the Brexit transition period has ended, businesses should now be prepared for what will be a very challenging operating environment. There is light on the horizon with the arrival of COVID-19 vaccines, but the current restrictions are still impacting businesses. At this webinar, our speakers focused on the areas of restructuring, credit management and contractual arrangements and highlighted key areas organisations should be aware of.


  • What we can learn from 2020 restructuring and insolvency trends
  • Contracting arrangements and data transfers: getting them right
  • How business creditors can manage trading difficulties
  • Credit management procedures for financial wellbeing

You can contact the speakers directly:
Jason Harte, Partner & Head of Debt Recovery, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP -
David Ormsby, Partner, Restructuring & Insolvency, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP
Mark Adair, Partner, Commercial, Mason Hayes & Curran LLP

You can view the webinar recording below.

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