Contemporary Art at Christmas 2013

Event Date: 28 November 2013

Declan Moylan of Mason Hayes & Curran gave an overview of the art on display and was followed by RTÉ Après Match presenter Risteard Cooper, who opened the exhibition. Our guests then got the chance to view the exhibition during the Christmas drinks reception and to purchase the pieces on display.

All pieces on display in the exhibition are for sale and a number of the artists were in attendance to discuss their work with the guests.

Featured artists include:

Bartosz Kolata
Bartosz is originally from Poland and is living in Ireland. “Art is an expression of opinion and only misses the mark if it fails to encourage any comment. I hope my paintings can contribute to restoring people’s sensibility, which is so fundamentally needed.”

Garrett Cormican
Garrett is a painter and author of the critically acclaimed monograph ‘Camille Souter The Mirror in the Sea’. He recently held a solo exhibition of his work titled “past, passing, or to come” at the Taylor Galleries from May-June 2013.

Michael Wann
Michael’s skill as a draftsman is not only his ability to engage us in a dialogue with the transience of captured moments, of melancholy introspection or of vague but enduring optimism; his work also serves to remind us of the powerful medium of drawing itself.

Joann O’Meara
Joann studied fine art painting at NCAD. Her work involves the investigation of non-place environments created by modern society. Her painting investigates the opposing themes generated when viewing overlooked spaces; primarily themes of familiarity versus strangeness and the mundane versus the extraordinary.

David Eager Maher
David is a visual artist working from Temple Bar Gallery & Studios. His work is held in many public and private collections in Ireland and internationally. He is currently working on an exhibition that will be on display at the Hugh Lane Museum from the 12th of December 2013.

John Keating
Born in Co. Tipperary, John has exhibited in Ireland, Spain, France, Greece, the UK, and USA as well as all over eastern Europe. He works with oils, mixed media, charcoals and watercolours and has received over 30 awards for drawing and painting from around the world.

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