2017 Plain English Awards Sponsored by Mason Hayes & Curran

Event Date: 09 February 2017

We are pleased to sponsor the National Adult Literacy Agency’s (NALA) second Plain English Awards taking place on 9 February. The aim of the awards is to reward organisations that communicate clearly in plain English and to offer free plain English training to those that don’t.

This year, over fifty organisations entered the competition by submitting documents that they thought were outstanding examples of plain English and an independent panel of plain English experts judged the entries. 

NALA is an Irish charity committed to making sure people with literacy difficulties can fully take part in society. As part of their work, they provide a Plain English Editing and Training Service to organisations who wish to improve the quality of their communications. Clear communication benefits all involved, including people with literacy difficulties.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Declan Black, Managing Partner at Mason Hayes & Curran said: “In Mason Hayes & Curran, our job often involves explaining complex information. We seek to do that clearly, using simple and accurate language. This approach applies to the advice we give clients or when we present a client’s position to another party or in court. In our view, a good lawyer is always clear, accurate and, where possible, brief. So, we strongly support the use of plain English and are very pleased to sponsor these awards.

NALA’s new Plain English Guide showing how unclear communication can lead to costly court cases will be launched at the ceremony. The guide is a joint initiative by NALA and Mason Hayes & Curran. The booklet presents ‘lessons’ from three Irish legal cases where the interpretation of language was central to the outcome of the court case.

Plain English is a style of presenting information that helps you understand it the first time you read or see it. It involves short clear sentences, and using everyday words and imagery. It is particularly important to provide information in plain English for people with literacy difficulties.

Click here for more information on the 2017 Plain English Awards.

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