Commercial Law Update: 2013 Highlights

12 February 2014

2013 has proved to be another exciting year in the world of technology and commercial law. While the General Data Protection Regulation has not progressed as fast as anticipated, numerous other areas have nonetheless sparked interest. Earlier in the year, increased concerns over data transfers between the EU and US triggered considerable unease throughout Europe, leading to significant scrutiny by the European Commission. 

The Consumer Rights Directive was transposed into Irish law in December 2013. Based on trends to date, 2014 is likely to see technologies mature and grow with industry experts predicting that the convergence of social, mobile, cloud and information will continue to drive developments in this section. 

Highlights for 2013 included:

  • European Commission calls on the US to restore trust in EU-US data flows
  • Consumer Rights Directive
  • Slattery v Friends First Life Assurance Company Ltd

European Commission Calls on the US to Restore Trust in EU-US Data Flows

A recent communication published by the European Commission set out the actions that the Commission asserts need to be taken to restore trust in the flow of data between the EU and the US. This came as a response to the allegations by former US National Security Agency ("NSA") contractor Edward Snowden that the NSA was…

Consumer Rights Directive

he Consumer Rights Directive (2011/83/EC) (the "Directive") was transposed into Irish law in December 2013, by virtue of the European Union (Consumer Information, Cancellation and Other Rights) Regulations 2013 (SI No. 484 of 2013) (“2013 Regulations”). The 2013 Regulations will come into operation…

Slattery v Friends First Life Assurance Company Ltd

Arguably the most important Irish contract law case of 2013 is Slattery v Friends First Life Assurance Company Ltd. This judgment serves as a reminder to maintain caution throughout commercial transactions and, in particular, to remain alert to potential amendments or additions to the terms of contracts. While the…