Invest Ireland

Sectors and Expertise

As an award-winning Irish law firm working with market-leading international companies doing business in Ireland, we understand the challenges organisations face when investing or locating in a foreign country. We have the unparalleled skills to assist you during your initial set-up and in meeting your ongoing legal and commercial imperatives. We have established offices in New York, London and San Francisco; three of Ireland’s most important conduits for inward investment to Ireland. 


Establishing or incorporating a business in Ireland is assisted by the many processes put in place by the Irish government. The new Companies Act 2014 has assisted in making the running of a company in Ireland straight-forward and easily managed.

Our Corporate team are recognised as leading advisers on all types of domestic and international corporate transactions for public companies, private companies and the public sector, across a broad range of industry sectors.

Employment Law

Ireland’s clear employment laws and access to a young, highly-educated, English-speaking workforce have attracted many international companies to locate here. Stable labour costs and Ireland’s proximity to Europe also contribute to companies choosing Ireland.

We have the largest employment and benefits team of any firm in Ireland.  We provide on-going strategic and detailed guidance to many of the leading foreign companies operating in Ireland. In addition, we have a dedicated team that provides Irish business immigration advice to both employers and non-EEA national employees. Our experienced Employment Law & Benefits team provides on-going strategic and detailed guidance to many of the leading foreign companies operating in Ireland.


Ireland’s Atlantic location has endowed it with abundant renewable energy potential, and this potential is being realised with the development of a highly active onshore wind energy industry.

Our Energy, Utilities & Projects team is a market leader in advising on energy and infrastructure transactions in Ireland, with three decades of experience.

Financial Services

Ireland is a very attractive location for international financial services institutions and groups seeking a European presence, based on a unique combination of the Irish legal and regulatory system, the specialisation and expertise of its workforce, the country’s pro-business approach, low taxation, excellent infrastructure and government support. As a result, Ireland is the fourth largest provider of wholesale financial services in the EU. 400 international financial institutions operate in Ireland and it is home to 20 of the world’s top 25 financial services companies.

Our dedicated Financial Services team provide innovative and creative solutions to the complex legal issues and to project manage large portfolio review and restructurings for lenders and cross border corporate clients.

Intellectual Property

Ireland’s strong legal and common law framework, advantageous tax regime for the exploitation of IP and highly educated workforce puts it in a unique and favourable position for companies seeking to exploit their IP here.

Our dedicated Intellectual Property team specialises in protecting, capitalising and maximising our clients’ investments in their IP.

Investment Funds

Ireland is a key strategic location for domiciling and servicing investment funds. Ireland offers a sophisticated and attractive regime to the investment funds industry, resulting in over 800 managers from 53 countries having their assets administered here.

Our dedicated Investment Funds team delivers on the most complex types of investment fund structures and is supported by specialists from Tax, Banking, Financial Regulation, Corporate, Dispute Resolution and Technology.

Real Estate

Irish land titles take two forms, perpetual or freehold, and a term of years or leasehold. Commercial occupiers often rent property instead of buying it outright. 

With 35 dedicated real estate lawyers, our Real Estate team is one of the largest in Ireland and we offer a comprehensive service on real estate transactions and consultancy.


Ireland has a leading reputation as an onshore EU OECD white-listed location. Ireland's 12.5% corporate tax rate, 25% R&D tax credit regime, tax amortisation of intellectual property and elaborate pooling system for foreign tax credits provide a unique OECD approved EU location for inward investment. Ireland's tax regime provides one component of the many non-fiscal attractions for foreign direct investment.

Our Tax team advises on structuring multinational corporate activities in and through Ireland.

Technology & Data Protection

Ireland is a world-leading centre for the tech industry and serves as a gateway for international technology businesses seeking to enter or serve the European market.

Our market-leading Technology & Communications team understand the challenges of working in a rapidly changing and challenging sector and can help you to meet those challenges head on.


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