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MHC Intern Life

MHC Summer 2019 Interns give us an insight into life at MHC, their journeys to date and what they get up to outside of work and college.

MHC Intern Life: Ryan England

Ryan England tells us about his experience as an intern in MHC, studying in the Netherlands and working at Barack Obama Plaza. Read more

MHC Intern Life: Kate Noone

Kate Noone tells us about her experience at MHC, studying at Maynooth University and why she chose to study law. Read more

MHC Intern Life: Isobel Lorigan

Isobel Lorigan tells us about her first impressions of MHC and being an extra in Home and Away. Read more

MHC Intern Life: Ciaran Moore

Ciaran Moore tells us about his experience in MHC, bouldering and making the move from Donegal to study at Trinity. Read more

MHC Intern Life: Niamh Cotter

Niamh Cotter tells us about her experience in MHC, studying in Montréal and being a member of the Cork senior ladies football team. Read more

MHC Intern Life: Ibak Baky

Ibak Baky tells us about his experience as an intern at MHC, studying at the University of Hong Kong and competing in ‘Escape Room’ games both at home and internationally. Read more

MHC Intern Life: Fiachra Cooney

Fiachra Cooney tells us about his experience in MHC so far, the move from Clare to Dublin and a summer spent in Vancouver. Read more