Your Response To A Request For Payment

Manage Your Debts - How We Can Help

Upon receiving a letter or communication from us, it is important to contact us quoting our reference number along with details of any payment or payment proposal you can make.

Once you quote our reference, you will be put in contact with the person who is dealing with your case and you can discuss how the situation can be managed.  We may ask you to complete a Statement of Means and provide relevant supporting financial documentation to vouch your current financial circumstances; this will assist in reviewing or assessing any proposal you may make. If your proposal is accepted, this should enable you to avoid further interest and costs.

We understand that everyone is under pressure to make repayments but if you can come up with a sensible proposal and commit to regular payments, the creditor may agree to hold court proceedings.

On the other hand, if you ignore demand letters, legal proceedings may follow and this can add to the costs. Therefore it is important to contact us if you receive a demand to avoid such proceedings and costs.

Our aim is to assist you and our clients to reach an amicable and workable solution in relation to your outstanding debt.

Useful documents

You can download a Statement of Means and information on payment options for debtors in the right sidebar.

NOTE: This statement is subject to the terms and conditions agreed with our clients and does not constitute an offer of settlement.

Please also note that there are a number of organisations whose function it is to assist debtors in financial difficult:

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