Sports Governance

In this era of increasing regulation and compliance it is essential to ensure that your sports body is complying with best practice in governance.

It can be daunting to get to grips with what “good governance” means, and it is not as straightforward as a simple tick-the-box exercise. Good governance ranges from effective functioning of the board down to appropriate policies and codes, and the requirements of good governance vary for each organisation.

We have the largest team of lawyers advising not-for-profit organisations in the Republic of Ireland. We advise sports bodies of a variety of sizes, from large national governing bodies, to smaller growing organisations. Our legal advice helps sports bodies to operate more efficiently and better promote their sport and athletes. As we have been at the forefront of providing legal advice on governance in the not-for-profit sector for a number of years, we are well placed to advise sports bodies and National Governing Bodies on best practice in governance, and to provide bespoke advice to suit each particular sports body.

Our Services

  • Governance of sports bodies and national governing bodies
  • Sports Ireland requirements
  • Applications for national governing body status
  • The Sports Body tax exemption
  • Legal structures
  • Company law compliance
  • Compliance with governing instruments
  • Board policies and procedures
  • Best practice and legal requirements regarding fundraising
  • Obtaining grant funding and other finance
  • Interactions with the Revenue Commissioners

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Niamh Callaghan