We are committed to reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, reducing water consumption, encouraging greener modes of transport and generally encouraging a culture of sustainability and an awareness of our impact on the environment. 

We have implemented an Environmental Management System which recently attained ISO 14001 certification from the National Standards Authority of Ireland. 

Some examples of our initiatives include:

  • encouraging environmentally friendly practices and energy efficiency. Some 45% of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources.
  • reducing water consumption. We have fitted aerators to all taps, thereby reducing water consumption by 70%.
  • minimising consumption of paper and promoting the idea of a paperless office. Internal policies ensure minimum paper usage. Shredding and recycling units are available on every floor. We make every effort to shred and recycle all paper documents no longer required on the premises, which protects both the environment and client confidentiality.
  • minimising waste through a series of initiatives which includes the provision of compost bins on every floor.
  • encouraging greater use of travel by foot, bicycle and public transport

In January 2018 we held our first ever Green Month, where we used innovative approaches to educate, open minds and encourage greener living. Our multi-pronged, all-carrot-and-no-stick approach included rewards, competitions, workshops, food, new bins and more. We were finalists in the Green Awards 2019 because of this initiative, and Green Month 2019 took place in spring 2019.

We understand that a responsible attitude to the environment is one of the most important contributions that we can make to society. We actively promote environmentally friendly practices in the workplace and beyond.