We are committed to reducing energy consumption, minimising waste, reducing water consumption, encouraging greener modes of transport and generally encouraging a culture of sustainability and an awareness of our impact on the environment. 

We have implemented an Environmental Management System which recently attained ISO 14001 certification from the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

Some examples of our initiatives include:

  • Every new staff member receives environmental induction
  • Our Green Month flagship initiative is held every February for the last three years and brings pan-firm engagement in environmentally sustainable practices. There is a range of practical initiatives and a range of educational talks, activities and workshops. Examples are: no car day; vegfest; plant something day. The initiative has led to tangible long lasting results. For example, following the first Green Month our re-cycling of dry mixed goods increased by 85%.
  • Encouraging energy efficiency. Some 45% of our electricity comes from renewable energy sources.
  • All lighting is zoned and sensor led
  • All PC’s have power management systems
  • Reduced water consumption. We have fitted aerators to all taps, thereby reducing water consumption by 70%.
  • Our last premises’ fit-out was particularly energy efficient with LED lighting and a heat recovery mechanism.
  • Minimising consumption of paper and promoting the idea of a paperless office. Internal policies ensure minimum paper usage. Staff are provided with double screens which reduces printing. Shredding and recycling units are available on every floor. We make every effort to shred and recycle all paper documents no longer required on the premises, which protects both the environment and client confidentiality.
  • Minimising waste through a series of initiatives which includes the provision of compost bins on every floor.
  • Our café promotes reusable delft and crockery and any disposable crockery or cutlery is fully compostable.
  • The complete elimination of plastic giveaways at client and staff events.
  • We encourage greater use of travel by foot, bicycle and public transport. We have taken out car parking spaces and replaced them with bicycle cages.

The Green Awards 2020

We are delighted to have received the top award for Professional Services firms at the twelfth annual Green Awards ceremony. The award recognised exceptional commitment to developing and maintaining sustainable business practices.

We understand that a responsible attitude to the environment is one of the most important contributions that we can make to society. We actively promote environmentally friendly practices in the workplace and beyond.