Charitable Giving

Our focus on fundraising and events throughout 2019 will be in support of these designated initiatives. 

The RISE Programme is the name given to our Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") programme and forms a key component of our CSR strategy. As part of RISE, we concentrate on one social issue for a two-year period, which for 2016 - 2018 is education for the disadvantaged. We are currently supporting three selected charities, Ringsend Irishtown Community Centre, ChildVision and Young Social Innovators, which are aligned with our educational focus; we aim that our work with and donations to these charities will benefit education in our own locality.

We plan to support education for the disadvantaged in a number of ways over the two-year period.

  • By providing funding, in-kind contributions, or other resources to causes which promote awareness about education for the disadvantaged.

  • Through direct contributions to charities or causes in the education field.

  • By encouraging employees to volunteer their time to support related organisations and causes in our local community.

  • By adopting and conducting business practices that support education for the disadvantaged to improve community well-being and protect the environment.

The local project which we are supporting is the local Ringsend and Irishtown Community Centre ("RICC"). We originally partnered with RICC by supporting a collaboration between the centre and Camara Ireland, through which we donated computer equipment. We continued our support after this project by assisting RICC in fitting out a new youth café as well as setting up a series of IT classes conducted by our staff for senior citizens and the unemployed.

The second project which we are supporting in 2017 is Young Social Innovators ("YSI"). YSI, through its programmes and platforms, enables young people to tackle difficult social issues, advocating reform and advancing change. As part of our involvement with YSI we are also sponsoring the Making Our World Fair & Just Award. Participants examine issues such as human rights, human trafficking, racism, family and children’s rights and our responsibilities as citizens.

We are also supporting ChildVision, Ireland’s only Education Centre for Blind Children. ChildVision will benefit from our various fundraising initiatives during 2017.

Other activities

Outside of our educational focus, we have historically supported a number of other charities.

  • Each year, staff are encouraged to participate in the St. Vincent de Paul Christmas ‘Giving Tree’ Appeal.

  • We support "Ireland’s greatest coffee morning”, the annual fundraiser for Our Lady’s Hospice, Harold’s Cross.

  • Each year we make a donation to Focus Ireland in support of their 'Sponsor a Star' campaign. This campaign is aimed at preventing people becoming, remaining or returning to being homeless.

  • We participate in the annual Calcutta Run in association with the Law Society of Ireland. The charities that benefit from the run are GOAL and the Peter McVerry Trust.

  • We also regularly sponsor other not-for-profit educational initiatives such as CoderDojo, an organisation which teaches children how to develop computer code.